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SolarTech is dedicated to providing our upmost, high quality products possible to enhance their experiences..

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Roblox Luau

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Public Products:

Music System

2023 | Scripting | Modeling | UI

Allowing games, in the roblox community, to have their own sound system completely customizable and easy to use and install. With the base created by our Founder, SolarSoup and the rest of the product worked after by ryanstar301 during August of 2023, the product has finally come to an stage ready to release.

Private Products

Service Renting

2023- | Node.js

Our Service Renting is currently only available to certain user, this is a monthly payment subscription, allowing the customers to host their bot on our servers for cheap, also allowing them to get a support bot (without any extra fee)

More coming soon, stay tuned! 👀

May 2023

Joined Roblox

March 2023

Joined Discord


Programming Languages Mastered


First idea of running SolarTech

Feel free to join the SolarTech Discord Server for the latest information on our releases and product updates.

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